In this weeks episode:

  • How can we make the best of uncertain times in our lives whether its COVID-19 or the next thing
  • What are some strategies and tactics that we can utilize to not just survive but to thrive and come out better in the end

Show Notes:

 A crisis can bring out the best in us.  We are adaptable and flexible beings. 

How we can try finding purpose in struggle and pain.

  • Kensho vs Satori – Michael Beckwith 
    • Kensho is growth by pain – typically growth here is gradual and slow.  When looking back can be very much blessing in disguise
      • Examples: a difficult relationship that ended but in hindsight makes you better for the next one – you take ownership – its not a blame game.  
        • A Business you started and it failed.  The next one you won’t make the same mistakes 
    • Satori comes from moments of sudden awakening. It’s growth by insight. It’s pleasant.  It’s pleasurable.  Happen infrequently
      • Idea picked up from a book or personal development course

Focus on your Circle of Control.  Some examples include reducing your tax burden, your investment strategy, and your attitude.

Recognize things you can’t control. For example, we can’t control the stock market, taxes, inflation, economy, traffic, weather, or what other people say or do.

Call to Action: 

What is in your control today?  Do one act of kindness for somebody else.


Kensho vs Satori – Michael Beckwith