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#6 – Becoming a Sound Investor

Did you take that one piece of action from episode 5 and pick up a book from an independent resource?     Try to read 1-2 financial books a year on minimum and astounding things will happen over your lifetime.  The compounding effect of accumulating knowledge from the right sources can change the course [...]

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#5 – How Would You Rate Your Knowledge as an Investor

In this episode we will cover: What to do before you start investing your money Key attributes of a great investor Resources on investing Types of investments   Show Notes/Resources: Enron Economic bubbles Other - books, websites, and videos Return on Stocks vs gold vs silver comparison Independent resources: i.e - John Bogle, [...]

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#4 – Our Strategy for Saving

In this episode we will talk about:   How to figure out your current savings rate How to increase your savings rate Why would you want to increase your savings rate Our strategy for consistently saving a huge chuck of our money each year What is the minimum savings rate you should strive [...]

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#3 – The Big 3 Expenses

In this episode we will talk about Where the average american spends their money according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics - particularly the big 3 areas. How can we as consumers do a better job of spending and planning in those areas   The Largest Spending Categories for the Average American Consumer [...]

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#2 – Reaching for Financial Independence

 In this episode will will cover: What is financial independence? Why reach for it and how to do it? How much do you need to reach financial independence? I will also talk about strategies that you can start implementing today to begin this journey and/or to speed it up if you are already on [...]

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Traditional or Roth 401(k)

This article applies whether you have a 401k, 403(b), 457, TSP etc.  Part of the decision comes down to your household tax situation both now and what it may be in the future.   Access to 401k If you have a 401k then you automatically have access to the traditional option.  That is the default [...]

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