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#19 – The trifecta of HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts)

https://anchor.fm/peeling-back-money-life/episodes/19---The-trifecta-of-HSAs-Health-Savings-Accounts-eeiki0 In this weeks episode: The trifecta of owning and contributing to an HSA FSA (Flexible Spending Account) vs HSA (Health Savings Account) Traditional vs High Deductible Health Plan Real-Life Example choosing FSA vs HSA Show Notes: Traditional Eligible for FSA (Flexible Spending Account)  Use it or lose it.  No investment options HDHP (High Deductible [...]

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#18 – How to handle debt

In this episode we cover Different types of debt How to handle debt and strategies you can utilize Show Notes: Sometimes necessary debt. House Loan? College Loan? Business Loan? Car Loan? What debt is considered bad? Personal and Home Equity Loans Vacation Loans Stuff (furniture, toys, etc.) Anything that depreciates pause and questions it. (all [...]

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#17 – What you need to know about Annuities

Listen to this episode if you are considering purchasing an annuity, own an annuity, or to educate yourself about annuities. In this episode we will talk about: The several different types of annuities Pros and Cons of buying one Options if you currently have one Show Notes Look at annuities as insurance product not as [...]

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#16 – COVID-19 Uncertainty. Be passive or active?

In this weeks episode   Defining passive versus active investing How we can deal with investment uncertainty Show Notes Some of the key benefits of passive investing are: Ultra-low fees: There's nobody picking stocks, so oversight is much less expensive. Passive funds simply follow the index they use as their benchmark. Transparency where you have [...]

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