In this episode you will learn:

  • What are the three habits that can have a profound impact on your life
  • How to implement them into your life on a daily basis consistently 
  • Tools that you can use

Show Notes:

The three habits:

  1. Tracking Personal Cash Flow
  2. Exercising
  3. Planning your day and week

Tracking Personal Cash Flow

Reap the benefits in as little as 10 minutes a week.  A personal cash flow statement measures your cash inflows and outflows in order to show you your net cash flow for a specific period of time.  I.e. monthly, quarterly, yearly. 

A cash flow statement can help you reprioritize your financial choices.  Help you clarify what really matters to you.  Are you happy with where your money is going? What is one area you want to place focus on in the next week/month?

Tools to help:


Reap the benefits in as little as 30 minutes a week.

The cool thing about the benefits of exercising is you don’t have to spend hour and hours to reap the benefits.  Two forms of exercise can have massive effects.  The use of super slow strength training and high-intensity interval training.

Side benefits of exercising:

  • Can give you a boost to eat healthier food because you don’t want to “waste” the time you spent exercising.
  • Can lead a better nights sleep.
  • More productive throughout the day
  • Mind is more clear throughout the day

Planning your day and week

Planning out your week in advance can help you to be more productive, lower your stress level, do what is most important, narrow your focus, taking time to plan will actually save you time, better able to make key decisions, help you reach your goals faster and so much more.

Be more efficient with when and how you exercise and see results much quicker.  Same thing for your cash flow.  So planning can have a profound effect on your other habits in your life.  


Call to Action:  

  • Be intentional and pick how you are going to slowly implement one new habit today and focus on that for the next 30 days and then add another one.