#32 – Types Investment Accounts

In today’s episode we are going to talk about what investment vehicles aka accounts are available to you.   We will discuss how you can navigate which one is best for you and where to initially start.  Towards the end we will discuss some self-employed accounts as well. Show Notes: #1 - 401(k) or 403(b) up [...]

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#31 – The basic of credit

In this weeks episode we discuss credit 101.  Specifically why it is important, how you can check your credit score, how you can build it up, and the top Do's and Don'ts. Show Notes: Go to annualcreditreport.com to review your 3 credit reports (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) free one time each year.' Your credit report, [...]

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#30 – Top College Planning Strategies

In this week episode we will be discussing the top planning strategies you can take to get ready for college.  This is good information for both parent and student. Enjoy! Show Notes: Begin with the end in mind What kind of skill set is needed Options for acquiring that skill set - Make a list [...]

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#29 – Top 2 Ways to Save for College

In this episode we are going to be discussing the top two ways that you can save for college.  Specifically we will be discussing mainly the use of 529 plans and taxable account also known as a brokerage account.   Show Notes: Before you can start saving for your children’s college fund, it’s important you’ve [...]

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#28 – 7 Steps to take when choosing investments inside your 401k

In this week's episode we are talking about the 7 steps you should take when choosing investments inside your 401k. Show Notes: Step 1: What is your investment plan (i.e. investment policy statement) Includes goals and objectives How you will reach those through asset allocation, risk profile, financial goals, rebalancing method Percent in stocks vs [...]

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#27 – What is Enough?

In this week’s episode we discuss: How do you know how much is enough, Why it’s so important to know your number What you should and shouldn’t focus on Three types of people will be discussed the not quite yet, just right, and overflow. Show Notes: What you should not focus on: % of salary [...]

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#26 – Living your desired lifestyle

In this episode, we will discuss how to live your desired lifestyle no matter what life stage you are currently living and why too many of us don’t get there. Show Notes: What does your ideal life look like…. feel like… What do you want to do with the little time you have left Life [...]

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#25 – Planning for Retirement

In this week's episode you will learn what steps can you take to better prepare for the non-monetary side of retirement.  Specifically, what have you seen and heard from those who have retired well and those who haven’t retired well.  What vision do you have for retirement and how can you make that a reality.  [...]

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#24 – Top 2 Money Mistakes to Avoid

We all have made mistakes with our money and many times in hindsight wish we would have done things differently.  In this episode, you will learn about the top 2 money mistakes people make. Magical thinking  Financial Dependency Show Notes Magical Thinking -  Magical thinking leads people to be overly confident and optimistic of the future [...]

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