IPERS Employees: Invest in your RIC 403(b) / 457 OR in an IRA

Anyone who is an IPERS employee in the State of Iowa who is eligible can participate in their provided RIC (Retirement Investors Club).  Education employees have a 403(b) option that you can contribute to. Public and State employees have a 457 option. Depending on where you work you also have the option to contribute to [...]

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IPERS Employees: What to do with your RIC 403(b) / 457 after you leave IPERS Employment

An individual in IPERS covered employment upon retiring or at a different stage in life has a couple of options on what to do with their money. The table above is based on an initial investment of $10,000, over a 50 year time period, with a 10% return.  Your expense is the fee that your [...]

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IRA’s – Roth vs Traditional

IRA's - Roth Vs. Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts There are two types of Individual Retirement Accounts that I will be going over, you have Roth and Traditional. For the majority of people Roth will be the preferred option but it is important to educate yourself first on the matter. I will give you an overview of [...]

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